The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+

Better landscapes in all light

Our professional ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+ includes an ND2 Plus+, ND4 Plus+, ND8 Plus+, ND64 Plus+, and ND1000 Plus+ so you have greater creative control when capturing landscape photography in all light conditions.


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Our professional ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+ includes an ND2 Plus+, ND4 Plus+, ND8 Plus+, ND64 Plus+, and ND1000 Plus+ so you have greater creative control when capturing landscape photography in all light conditions.



By blocking 1 (ND2 Plus+), 2 (ND4 Plus+), 3 (ND8 Plus+), 6 (ND64 Plus+), or 10 (ND1000 Plus+) f-stops of light, our ND Coverage Kit gives you the creative freedom to explore long exposure and depth of field effects no matter the light.

Our Plus+ range features 20 layers of nano-coating providing easier cleaning and better protection against water, oil and scratches. These layers also provide a higher maximum light transmission and a more consistent transmission curve for sharper images, finer colours and greater depth.


  • 6.06kg CO2 created

  • 1537.5kg CO2 sequestered

  • 250x positive impact

To find out more information about the impact of this Urth product, view our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) report here


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The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+

World's best glass

Made with world leading German SCHOTT.

No colour cast

True colours.

All lights covered

More creative options for more light conditions.

Lifetime warranty

Quality you can trust.

The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+

No Filter

ND64 Plus+

Better depth of field

Beautiful depth of field with wider apertures.

Longer motion blur

Cut 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 f-stops for stronger long exposure.

More cinematic

Slow your shutter for a more cinematic look.


The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+

Professional German glass

Industry-leading German B270 SCHOTT optical glass is coated with a 20-layer nano-coating for better sharpness, added protection, and easier cleaning.

The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+

Ultra-slim magnalium rim

Our consciously designed ultra-slim rim avoids vignetting and our durable magnalium is guaranteed for life.

The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+


All our filters are double-threaded for stacking filters or using screw-mount lens caps.

How to Use

The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+


Find your filter size
Inquisitively search lens for diameter symbol. often marks the spot. The diameter you seek may be accompanied by a number 58 or 58mm. Look to the side and the front this precious number is your filter size. Be warned: your lens focal length (e.g. 18-55mm) is not your filter size.
The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+


Place flat and screw clockwise
Excitedly behold lens in one hand and place flat on lens. Gently screw clockwise until just firm. Do not over-tighten that which goes on must one day come off.
The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+


Slow your shutter
The 1 to 10 f-stop darkening of your images allows you to slow your shutter speed for motion blur effects.
The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+


Open your aperture
Or, you can adjust for the darkening by opening up your aperture, which creates a shallower depth of field. You can also combine both exposure setting adjustments.
The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+


Get more cinematic
Use our ND2, ND4, ND8, and ND64 Filters to create more cinematic effects when filming. By blocking 1 of 6 f-stops of light, you can open your aperture for a shallower depth of field, creating stunning cinematic effects in different and changing light conditions.

Want some more in-depth info?


A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to ND Filters

Your guide to understanding and buying the best ND filter for the right conditions. ...




Frequently Asked Questions

What's a filter kit?

A consciously curated collection of lens filters designed to give you more creative possibilities in different conditions.

Urth filter kits are a smarter way to buy a collection of filters. They also come with top and bottom lens caps for safe and easy storage in your kit.

Why buy a filter kit?

A filter kit offers you the flexibility to carry different filters in your camera bag using minimal storage.

Our filter kits come with top and bottom lens caps for compact storage and protection while your filters are in your bag. Filter kits provide a huge number of possibilities when shooting and can help you better adapt to extreme shooting conditions.

Who should buy a filter kit?

Photographers who like being equipped with options for unpredictable lighting conditions on their next adventure.

When you're stepping into the unknown, having options can be the difference between heartache and happiness. You don't know whether you'll need a CPL filter, ND filter, UV filter, or a colour filter, and when you're equipped with our filter kits, you'll be ready to shoot whatever the weather is doing.

What are the best filter kits for beginners?

The Essentials Kit Plus+ is the best filter kit for beginners.

For those starting our with lens filters, The Essentials Kit Plus+ offers a range of our best-selling lens filters and countless new creative possibilities.

What's the best filter kit for travel photography?

The Essentials Kit Plus+ and The Explorer Kit are both versatile filter kits.

Our Essentials Kit Plus+ has everything you need to deepen your photography or videography skills. The Explorer Kit offers a more minimalist option full of creative possibilities.

If Im going out shooting landscapes I want to be ready for anything and this kit gives me more creative control when the light doesnt come to the party. Brian bought The ND Coverage Kit Plus+.

The ND Coverage Filter Kit Plus+

2500000 trees planted so far

Love the world you capture

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